Zunt - Custom Made Production Range
Monolithic Insulating Joints
for oil, gas and water pipelines
OffShore & Onshore
Custom Made Production
Manufactured in compliance with the client’s specification

SIZE from ½" to 120" and over
RATING from ANSI 150 up to ANSI 2500 and over

Design Factor as per client's specification
Low Temperature design down to -50 °C
High Temperature design up to +165 °C
Dielectric Strength Test up to 20 kV for 1 min. 50 Hz AC
Electrical resistance Test in dry conditions > 200 MOhm - 1000 V DC
Coating/Lining as per client's specification
Finite element analysis on request
PED / ATEX compliance on request

EXTRA TESTING (on request)
Helium Test
Torsion test
Hydro-thermo-bending test
Electrolytic immersion test
Hydraulic fatigue test
Air leak test
Vacuum test

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