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Monolithic Insulating Joints are high-resistant fittings used to electrically isolate sections of a pipeline to improve the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems and to reduce ground-loop currents or interference between different CP systems.

Monolithic Insulating Joints are provided with pipe pups matching the pipeline grade and wall thickness and are long enough to eliminate any possible thermal damage to the isolation components during field welding.

Monolithic Insulating joints are factory-assembled, hydrostatically tested and subjected to electrical tests in various stages of manufacturing . They do not require technical service or maintenance after installation.


• High Pressure Monolithic Insulating Joints for water, gas, oil and petrochemical industry
• Low pressure service Insulating Joints
• Insulating Joints for low/high temperature fluids, sour service application, conductive fluids, etc.
• Monolithic Insulating Joints with flanged ends
• Pre-assembled Insulating Flanges
• Insulation spools

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