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SINCE 1975

ZUNT ITALIANA manufactures a complete range of Monolithic Insulating Joints used for the sectioning of main pipelines to ensure greater efficiency of cathodic protection systems to protect against underground corrosion.

ZUNT ITALIANA Insulating Joints are designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with the most stringent international Standards and Clients' specifications.

ZUNT ITALIANA is an approved worldwide supplier of the main domestic and international water, oil and gas Companies operating both offshore and onshore.

Due to our company’s reliability, vast experience and extensive research, Zunt Italiana is one of the leading manufacturers of Monolithic Insulation Joints and we currently export 80% of our annual production.


ZUNT ITALIANA is a family-owned Company, characterized by high flexibility and our desire to service our clients’ requirements.

ZUNT ITALIANA was established in 1975 and has been designing, manufacturing and supplying Insulating Joints for 40 years worldwide.

The experience acquired over the years is a guarantee of total reliability and professionalism.
In order to fully meet our clients’ requirements in terms of flexibility and capability to satisfy the highest quality standards, Zunt Italiana has invested in the most advanced implements.
Our plants include a covered area of 7,900 m² and an open area of 40,000 m². Our machinery and equipment has been thoroughly researched and adapted to meet our specific technical requirements and thus allow us to produce the highest process control as well as the ability to perform the most disparate types of tests and inspections.


• Excellent Quality-Price Ratio
• Respect of contractual delivery dates
• High financial reliability
• Capability to design and manufacture insulating joints
  for special operating conditions
• Use of top quality raw materials
• Raw materials of Italian & EEC origin
• Qualified technical assistance
• High flexibility
ZUNT ITALIANA S.r.l. - Via Grinetta, 22 - 24068 Seriate - (BG) Italy - Phone: +39/035-30.39.82 Fax: +39/035-30.39.69 e-mail: commercial@zunt.com