Zunt - Quality Management System

Quality Management System

ISO 9001 certified since 1993

Zunt ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System covers both the design and the manufacture of Insulating Joints

- Highly skilled personnel.
- Continuous training.
- Quality-oriented and custom-made production.
- Customer satisfaction.
- High flexibility.

Certificato ISO 9001

PED 2014/68/EU mod. H
Pressure Equipment Directive

ATEX 2014/34/EU/ II 2 GD
European Directive "ATmosphères EXplosibles"

Quality Policy
ZUNT, in their capacities as suppliers of insulating joints, hereby take the commitment to adopt a Quality policy based on the following objectives:
  • Provide the clients with products in compliance with their requirements and with the applicable specifications, through the implementation of the Quality System, at a proper quality/price ratio, respecting agreed delivery time.
  • Constantly improve the Company’s image of quality on the market, by meeting the clients’ expectations and requirements;
  • Provide all the product information needed to guarantee safe work and environment protection.
  • Provide, when required by the enforcing laws and/or contractually agreed, full conformance to the prescriptions of 2014/68/UE directive.
  • Carry out design and production in observance of the laws and Norms in force.
  • Improve the personnel’s professional evolution and facilitate the execution of their functions.
  • Improve the quality of the materials purchased by keeping a close co-operation with the suppliers.
  • Promote and achieve full knowledge and diffusion of the Quality Policy at all levels, as better described in ZUNT Manual.
  • Promote continual improvement and client satisfaction oriented behaviour.

In order to achieve these objectives for quality, the President has committed himself to:
  • Create and maintain an Integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental System as described in the ZUNT SGI Manual, able to satisfy the prescriptions of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015;
  • Appoint RD (Operations manager) with full responsibilities and authority to guarantee the observance of what prescribed in the ZUNT Integrated QHSE Manual, with the possibility of addressing directly to the President for any Problem related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

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